If you are a Six Nations member and you have met the entrance requirements for and been enrolled in or accepted for enrolment in an eligible post secondary program then you can apply for post secondary education assistance through the Grand River Post Secondary Education Office. See the sections:  HOW TO APPLY and WHEN TO APPLY.

An eligible post secondary program of study must be at least two academic years in length; be offered by a post secondary institution; and have secondary school completion or equivalent as a prerequisite for admission to the program. The program of studies must lead to or be for credit for a diploma or degree.  Note some post diploma programs of one academic year in length may be eligible. Please check with your Post Secondary Funding Advisor.

The following courses DO NOT meet post secondary program funding requirements of the GRPSEO: Additional qualification courses for teachers. College and University Entrance Programs that result in secondary school credits or any pre-college level programs deemed to be preparatory, exploratory or access oriented for college level study (i.e., not resulting in full post secondary credit)

**If more detailed information is needed, click here for the Student Policy.