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Financial Assistance
Post Secondary Education Assistance is provided to eligible Six Nations post secondary students enrolled in eligible post secondary programs of study within the limits of funds voted by Parliament. 

This guide will provide you with information about the post secondary education assistance program administered through the Grand River Post Secondary Education Office. If you have any questions, please contact an Education Counsellor.


There is post secondary education assistance for tuition, books, Prior Learning Assessment, tutoring, and full time education allowance.

From time to time there is assistance in the form of incentives and/or scholarships. These are available through the GRPSEO only when budget allows.
In addition to the overall eligibility criteria already presented, there are specific criteria that apply to the different types of post secondary education assistance. These criteria are presented in the description of each type of assistance.

Once you are approved for a specific type of education assistance, there are also certain criteria that you must continue to meet to maintain your eligibility.

There are also limits of assistance within the different types of assistance. See the description of each type of assistance for more details.

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