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Policy Updates
From time to time policy changes are necessary. When this happens a policy bulletin will be available that will outline any changes. The changes will also be posted on the GRPSEO website. 

The GRPSEO attempts to send notification of policy changes to all active post secondary students receiving assistance through the GRPSEO, but sometimes students get missed in the process. It is ultimately your responsibility, as a student, to ask for current information regarding education assistance. Please ask your Education Counsellor about any changes.

Policy Update No. 1
Effective September 1, 2005, programs at the pre-college level deemed to be preparatory, exploratory or access oriented for college level study (i.e., not resulting in full post secondary credit) will not be eligible for funding through the GRPSEO.

Currently, the GRPSEO limits full time funding for college level General Arts and Science diploma programs to one year. Where a student submits a plan demonstrating a clear path to employment upon completion of a two year GAS program, then the student may be granted an exemption from this policy.

Policy Update No. 2
High School Students - Be sure to get your required courses.
Every year there isn't enough funding for all students so effective September 1, 2005, programs at the pre-college level deemed to be preparatory, exploratory or access oriented for college level study (i.e., not resulting in full post secondary credit) will not be eligible for funding through the GRPSEO.

Students who do not have the courses required for admission to their program of choice, need to review their options given that most prep programs will no longer be eligible for funding through the GRPSEO effective September 1, 2005. An information package is available from the GRPSEO for students lacking required high school courses.

Students thinking about post secondary education need to do the following things:
1. Check out post secondary programs that fit with their interests and strengths.
2. Check out the course requirements and grades to be admitted to their programs of choice.
3. Apply to the post secondary institutions - ON TIME.
4. Where possible - voluntarily self-identify as an Aboriginal applicant as this may help facilitate your consideration for scholarships and other opportunities.
5. Six Nations student must apply for funding through the Grand River Post Secondary Education Office by specific deadlines. For fall starts - the deadline is May 17th each year.

Policy Update No. 3
Documentation Deadline, Administration Fee and 15% discount on overpayment repayment effective April 1, 2014

  1. DOCUMENTATION DEADLINE: During our peak application period, it is essential that we receive all documentation from an applicant in order to process student applications in a timely manner. 

    When we are processing applications, we are able to provide a student with a FUNDING DEPENDENT offer. This means that we are able to hold funds for a certain amount of time for your application until you are able to provide us with all the required documentation. 

    EFFECTIVE April 1, 2014, we will be strictly adhering to the following: Any required documentation required for your application MUST be submitted NO LATER THAN July 31st, unless otherwise noted on your Checklist from your Education Counsellor. 

    PLEASE READ ALL COMMUNICATIONS FROM OUR OFFICE THOROUGHLY AND CAREFULLY!!! Your assigned Education Counsellor provides you with a detailed Checklist of Required Documentation for you to follow. 

  2. ADMINISTRATION FEES: Effective April 1,2014, there will be a $5 Administration Fee for any request for Letters of Support, or copies of documentation from our office. More specifically, this applies to requests for documentation from our office for an Indspire or Dreamcatcher application. These documents are provided to the student in their initial Approval Package or their Not Approved Package from the GRPSEO. PLEASE READ ALL MATERIAL CAREFULLY AND THOROUGHLY. 

    Reference Letters for Scholarships and Bursaries are not subject to this Administration Fee however these requests must be arranged with your Education Counsellor and must be requested with an adequate response time. We ask for 2-4 business days. 

  3. 15% DISCOUNT ON OVERPAYMENT REPAYMENT: Effective April 1, 2014, the 15% discount will only apply to a one time, LUMP SUM PAYMENT of the full overpayment amount no later than August 1st. 

    If you wish to make a payment arrangement, you must communicate with your Education Counsellor no later than August 1st. Payment arrangements of Overpayment amounts will NO LONGER be eligible for a 15% discount.


For further information contact the Grand River Post Secondary Education Office.

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