Engineering in Review: Published on Monday,31 August, 2020

Engineering Programs in Review:
Since 1997, there have been 8 confirmed graduate from the Construction Engineering programs; 3 confirmed graduates from the Building Renovations program and 1 confirmed graduate from the Building Systems program.  If you are interested in, and enjoy construction check out the 2 year programs at one of your local colleges to see what is required to be admitted, and the types of courses you will be required to take. 

Engineering programs in review: Published on Thursday,23 July, 2020

Engineering & Computer Science:  There has been a  sporadic interest in pursuing programs in computer engineering or computer science programs. In review of confirmed graduates since 1992 the breakdown is as follows:
1999 two graduates from college programs
2000 six graduates from college programs
2001 one graduate from university program
2002 three graduates from college programs
2004 one graduate from college program
2006 one graduate from college program
2007 two graduates from college programs
2009 one graduate from college program
2011 one graduate from college program
2012 one graduate from college program
2016 one graduate from university program
2018 one graduate from college program
2019 two graduates from college program.
(2003, 2005, 2008, 2010, 2013 -2015 zero graduates)
2020 still in review as official transcripts are being submitted.  In summary over 21 years, GRPSEO has confirmed 23 graduates in a area of study for a career that impacts our lives daily. 

2020 GRPSEO Scholarship- Volunteerism waivered Published on Friday,17 July, 2020

One of the criteria for the GRPSEO SCHOLARSHIP is:  Proof of completion of a minimum of 5 hours volunteerism with the past 12 months.  Due to COVID -19 and the possible inability for students to achieve the hours of volunteerism, this proof of volunteerism is being waived for the 2020 application intake.

Engineering programs in review: June 2020 Published on Thursday,25 June, 2020

Engineering Programs in Review:   The last time a confirmed graduate for the Motive Technician - Auto Diesel program was in 2004. Since 1999 there have been 3 confirmed graduates. Completion of the program leads to a career in heavy duty industry, motive power equipment manufacturing, oil companies, industrial,or commercial passenger vehicles. It is a 2 year college diploma program if you are interested in this type of career.

Engineering Careers Update: Published on Wednesday,27 May, 2020

Just an FYI on another Engineering Area:
Mechanical Engineering
Since 1999 there have been 8 confirmed 
graduates in total from the Mechanical Engineering 
diploma program and the
Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering programs.
The year 2017 was the most recent graduate.
Have you ever considered a career in mechanical engineering?
You will need to have a good grasp on mathematics and physics.
Labour statistics is anticipating demand to increase over the 
next few years.  This is a career that uses materials science to design, 
manufacture, and maintain operation of machinery (many of the items
we use today).

Engineering careers update Published on Wednesday,29 April, 2020

A decade ago was... 
the last time there was a confirmed post secondary graduate 
from Industrial Woodworking program in 2010.
The student was hired immediately at that time
and the employer would occasionally check in for more graduates for a while.
If this something you are interested in check out the 2 year program at your local

Words of Encouragement to Students Published on Thursday,16 April, 2020

GOOD DAY STUDENTS!!! The GRPSEO certainly hopes that all is going well with you and that you are staying healthy.  The past few weeks have been extremely difficult for our community, and perhaps especially so for you, our students. Know that while this transition has taken a lot of time and energy across our community, all of you have been at the center of our thoughts. As the exam period gets underway, we want to encourage all students as you make your final effort to finish your assignments and projects.  As you approach the end of the term, we are all looking forward to recognizing your accomplishments. We want to take this opportunity to thank you – for your dedication, your commitment and your perseverance.

We know this has been a very difficult term, one whose challenges no one could have imagined when it began, but with patience, creativity and determination you have nearly made it successfully to the end. We are so proud of you!

 Remember GRPSEO is thinking of you and we wish you the best – we are one of your biggest cheer leaders! You can do it!!!

Here is a link you could peruse http:/// to help you through these times.  Also go to the Six Nations website for COVID-19 updates, the community emergency plan, etc. and other resources in areas you may need assistance with at You can also contact your institution’s student resources for assistance as well.

Reminder:  If you have not done so, you need to apply on-line for Fall 2020 and Fall/Winter 2020 NOW.  The deadline of MAY 1STis fast approaching. You can contact your Funding Advisor by email only and all documentation still needs to be sent in.  For more information and to apply on-line go to our website at



GRPSEO Reminders/Update Published on Tuesday,31 March, 2020

GOOD DAY STUDENTS:    REMINDERS/UPDATES The Grand River Post Secondary is closed to the public. Students can reach their Funding Advisor by EMAIL ONLY. For contact information, go to the GRPSEO website at If you do call the office someone is checking messages and will get back to you. There are now 3 confirmed cases of COVID 19 on Six Nations and the Six Nations Council is now restricting access to the territory for shopping or recreational purposes. Reminder from the Grand River Post Secondary Education Office to please check the Six Nations Council website for community Updates on COVID-19 at or at As well log on to our website at and check GRPSEO facebook for GRPSEO COVID-19 updates from the GRPSEO. An Important Reminder from the Grand River Post Secondary Education Office that in spite of COVID-19 you still have to apply for funding for the fall 2020. The deadline for fall 2020 and fall/winter 2020 applications is May 1st. Apply on-line at LATE applications will not be processed. If you are experiencing difficulties when applying, please call the office at (519) 445-2219 If you do call the office someone is checking messages and will get back to you. As well students are responsible to submit any documentation that is needed. REMINDER: In spite of COVID-19 students can still apply for scholarships and bursaries. You will need to go on line to access these awards. Please be aware that most scholarships have a deadline, so start now. REMINDER: To students that your FIRST point of contact if you suspect you may have come in contact with COVID-19 is: for Six Nations residents the Six Nations Public Health Office at (519) 445- 2672 and for those of you who do not reside at Six Nations your local Public health office. Let’s continue to do our part by PHYSICAL/SOCIAL DISTANCING, HAND WASHING AND STAYING HOME!!!                                                           STAY HEALTHY!!! STAY SAFE!!!

Ever consider engineering? Published on Wednesday,25 March, 2020

Continuing the review of confirmed graduates from engineering programs, for Chemical Engineering since 1997 there have been 8 Six Nations students who confirmed receiving their diploma.  One of these went on from college to university to complete a degree in the same area of study.  The last confirmed graduate in Chemical Engineering was 2010.  Yes a decade ago!

GRPSEO UPDATE Published on Tuesday,24 March, 2020

GOOD DAY STUDENTS!!!  We hope all are well and all are healthy.  A quick update. 


The GRPSEO is closed to the public and is operating with minimal staff who are maintaining the physical/social distancing.  Most staff are working remotely from home to keep business moving forward.

You can reach your Funding Advisor by EMAIL ONLY.  For contact information, go to the GRPSEO website at:

You will receive your monthly education allowance on APRIL 1, 2020.

Some of you who qualified may already have received a semester incentive. If you did not complete your winter semester contact with your Funding Advisor your incentive is on HOLD.

You are still responsible to get in any documentation that is needed. 

Let your Funding Advisor know if there are any special measures being put in place for  extensions on completion of specific  coursework or placements.

Institutions are closed to students and some of you may already have moved your personal property home.  If not check with your school to see the deadline or times that you can get back into your residence etc. to do this. 

Institutions are offering on-line programs so that you can complete your school year and you are expected by GRPSEO do this.  These are trying, difficult and challenging times and

GRPSEO wishes you luck with your studies.  YOU CAN DO IT!!!

Here are the links to the websites where all available updates will be posted for the Six Nations community.

 Twitter: sixnationscovid19updates

 If you do not reside at Six Nations, please pay attention to your local area updates and emergency measures that have been taken for your area. 

For the Six Nations community: your first point of contact if you suspect you may have come in contact with COVID-19 or if you think you are displaying symptoms is Six Nations Public Health at (519) 445-2672.

 PLEASE PRACTICE THE PHYSICAL/SOCIAL DISTANCING AND HAND WASHING AND STAY HOME IF YOU ARE SICK.  The life of the community as well as Canada is in our hands.  No one is safe from this virus.  Let’s all do our part!!!