Post Secondary Education Engagement Survey Published on Thursday,17 February, 2022

GRPSEO has contracted Six Nations Polytechnic to conduct research input into a "Post-Secondary Education (PSE) Model for Six Nations of the Grand River.” This means connecting with as many PSE learners (past or present) as possible. Lend your voice! Take 20 minutes to complete our online survey and receive a $25 gift card. The survey link can be found in the GRPSEO website.
You may contact for more information about the project.

Covid-19 Reopening Plan 2022 Published on Thursday,13 January, 2022

As the global pandemic continues, GRPSEO has recognized its responsibility to protect the health and safety of the organization’s staff and clients, as well as the Six Nations community. To help ensure this, GRPSEO has taken steps to evaluate all identified potential hazards and risks to internal and external stakeholders and has had to implement control measures to protect anyone who enters our office.
While we continue to monitor the procedures and mandates set out by the Six Nations of the Grand River Elected Council and both provincial and federal governments, GRPSEO understands the responsibility to be adaptable, flexible, and diligent in conforming to new Health and Safety protocols, mandates, and procedures as they change. We are committed to making every effort to ensure our internal processes and protocols are up to date and that we keep our staff, clients, and the community well informed on updates and changes.
In the development and implementation of this Health and Safety plan, GRPSEO has made every reasonable effort to make certain:
  • The health and safety of our clients, staff, and community members are protected and continuously prioritized;
  • Procedures have been employed that restrict and minimize access, movement, and in person face to face interactions among staff and clientele while inside our office;
  • The number of staff and clientele in our office is limited;
  • Requirements for facial coverings and other applicable Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) are employed and upheld;
  • All Public Health regulations and recommendations are observed;
  • Honest, open and transparent communications are consistent; and
  • All implemented controls, including cleaning schedules are attainable and sustainable.
Justine Henhawk-Bomberry
Director of Post Secondary Student Services 

COVID-19: Institution Vaccination Requirement Published on Wednesday,15 December, 2021

COVID-19: Post Secondary Institutions Vaccination Requirement
The GRPSEO is committed to making our students our number one priority and we will continue to provide support to our students within our capabilities.   Please see the link above for more information.

Priority 6 Published on Thursday,17 June, 2021

In the Grand River Post Secondary Education Office (GRPSEO) student policy, a Priority system is maintained. The Priority system is designed to provide fair and equitable access to limited post secondary education assistance funding. At the same time, the priority system contributes to the management of available funding over a period of years by building in a system whereby education assistance directly contributes to post secondary graduation and access to post secondary education... to read more click here

2022 GRPSEO Scholarship- Volunteerism waived Published on Thursday,13 January, 2022

One of the criteria for the GRPSEO SCHOLARSHIP is:  Proof of completion of a minimum of 5 hours volunteerism within the past 12 months.  Due to COVID -19 and the possible inability for students to achieve the hours of volunteerism, this proof of volunteerism is being waived for the 2022 application intake.