Covid-19 Reopening Plan 2021 Published on Thursday, 8 April, 2021

As the global pandemic continues, GRPSEO has recognized its responsibility to protect the health and safety of the organization’s staff and clients, as well as the Six Nations community. To help ensure this, GRPSEO has taken steps to evaluate all identified potential hazards and risks to internal and external stakeholders and has had to implement control measures to protect anyone who enters our office.
While we continue to monitor the procedures and mandates set out by the Six Nations of the Grand River Elected Council and both provincial and federal governments, GRPSEO understands the responsibly to be adaptable, flexible, and diligent in conforming to new Health and Safety protocols, mandates, and procedures as they change. We are committed to making every effort to ensure our internal processes and protocols are up to date and that we keep our staff, clients, and the community well informed on updates and changes.
In the development and implementation of this Health and Safety plan, GRPSEO has made every reasonable effort to make certain:
  • The health and safety of our clients, staff, and community members are protected and continuously prioritized;
  • Procedures have been employed that restrict and minimize access, movement, and in person face to face interactions among staff and clientele while inside our office;
  • The number of staff and clientele in our office is limited;
  • Requirements for facial coverings and other applicable Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) are employed and upheld;
  • All Public Health regulations and recommendations are observed;
  • Honest, open and transparent communications are consistent; and
  • All implemented controls, including cleaning schedules are attainable and sustainable.
Justine Henhawk-Bomberry
Director of Post Secondary Student Services 

Programs in Review: Ogwehoweh Languages Published on Wednesday,16 December, 2020

Programs in Review: Ogwehoweh Languages, confirmed graduates of a program
and assisted by GRPSEO, as well as a part of the language revitalization of the Six Nations of the Grand River community: 
2007-2008 two students completed a certificate program (partial degree transfer credits)
2008-2009 one student completed a certificate program (partial degree transfer credits)
2010-2011 nine students completed the Ogwehoweh Language diploma program
2013-2014 seven students completed the Ogwehoweh Language diploma program
2016-2017 seven students completed the Bachelor of Arts Ogwehoweh Language degree
2017-2018 seven students completed the Bachelor of Arts Ogwehoweh Language degree
2018-2019 eleven students completed the Bachelor of Arts Ogwehoweh Language degree
2019-2020 two students completed the Bachelor of Arts Ogwehoweh Language degree.
Total of 46 graduates over 12 years.
Please note, confirmed graduate means a student who has submitted official
documentation or transcript noting they have met program requirements.
This has been the case for all the past posting for program review during
2020. There may be other students who have completed their programs but
they have not submitted the required documents to confirm their completion
of programs. The GRPSEO will accept transcripts from students who have 
not submitted one yet. 

Programs in Review: ECE and EA programs Published on Tuesday,24 November, 2020

Since 1992 to 2020,  the GRPSEO has been able to assist 98 
confirmed graduates of the Early Childhood Education program and 
12 confirmed graduates in the Education Assistant program.
Several of the graduates continued on to earn an undergraduate degree
and then a Bachelor of Education degree through a teacher's college program.

Programs in Review: Education Published on Friday, 6 November, 2020

Since 1992 to 2019 confirmed graduates in the area of education:
Bachelor of Education - total is 79
Bachelor of Education - Adult Education - total is 12
Ontario Teacher Certificate - total is 18 
Native Teacher Certificate - total is 17
Aboriginal Adult Education Certificate - total is 19
(Please note that many students from these certificate programs went on to complete an
undergraduate degree earning a B.Ed.)

Master of Education total is 25.
Master of Professional Education total is 12 
(this does not include the 2020 graduate cohort)
PhD of Education total is 4.

Overall confirmed graduates in the area of education in
the past 27 years is a total of 186.

The numbers for the 2020 graduates is in process as students submit
their official transcripts for confirmation of program completion. 
Former recipients of funding from the GRPSEO may also submit their official transcripts
for inclusion in the above numbers and for a more accurate count of graduates.
Currently there is a need for teachers and the Ontario Teacher's College is reaching out 
to its members.

Engineering in review: Published on Friday,25 September, 2020

Engineering programs in review:   Since 1999 to 2019, (in 20 years), there have been 6 confirmed graduates in the area of Architecture.  Three graduates at the college level and three at the university level who completed their master degree. Architecture requires math and your English courses but also artistic and creative capability.  At the college level there are two programs, there is a two year technician program or a three technology program.  There are also specialty post-diploma programs such as green architecture.  At the university level there is the undergraduate degree and then onto the master level. To see the admission requirements check the Ontario College Application Services (OCAS) website or the Ontario University Application Centre website (OUAC).

Engineering in Review: Published on Monday,31 August, 2020

Engineering Programs in Review:
Since 1997, there have been 8 confirmed graduate from the Construction Engineering programs; 3 confirmed graduates from the Building Renovations program and 1 confirmed graduate from the Building Systems program.  If you are interested in, and enjoy construction check out the 2 year programs at one of your local colleges to see what is required to be admitted, and the types of courses you will be required to take. 

Engineering programs in review: Published on Thursday,23 July, 2020

Engineering & Computer Science:  There has been a  sporadic interest in pursuing programs in computer engineering or computer science programs. In review of confirmed graduates since 1992 the breakdown is as follows:
1999 two graduates from college programs
2000 six graduates from college programs
2001 one graduate from university program
2002 three graduates from college programs
2004 one graduate from college program
2006 one graduate from college program
2007 two graduates from college programs
2009 one graduate from college program
2011 one graduate from college program
2012 one graduate from college program
2016 one graduate from university program
2018 one graduate from college program
2019 two graduates from college program.
(2003, 2005, 2008, 2010, 2013 -2015 zero graduates)
2020 still in review as official transcripts are being submitted.  In summary over 21 years, GRPSEO has confirmed 23 graduates in a area of study for a career that impacts our lives daily. 

2020 GRPSEO Scholarship- Volunteerism waived Published on Friday,17 July, 2020

One of the criteria for the GRPSEO SCHOLARSHIP is:  Proof of completion of a minimum of 5 hours volunteerism within the past 12 months.  Due to COVID -19 and the possible inability for students to achieve the hours of volunteerism, this proof of volunteerism is being waived for the 2020 application intake.

Engineering programs in review: June 2020 Published on Thursday,25 June, 2020

Engineering Programs in Review:  
The last time a confirmed graduate for the
Motive Technician - Auto Diesel program
was in 2004. Since 1999 there have been
3 confirmed graduates. Completion of the
program leads to a career in heavy duty industry,
motive power equipment manufacturing, oil companies,
industrial, or commercial passenger vehicles.
It is a 2 year college diploma program if you are
interested in this type of career.

Engineering Careers Update: Published on Wednesday,27 May, 2020

Just an FYI on another Engineering Area:
Mechanical Engineering
Since 1999 there have been 8 confirmed 
graduates in total from the Mechanical Engineering 
diploma program and the
Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering programs.
The year 2017 was the most recent graduate.
Have you ever considered a career in mechanical engineering?
You will need to have a good grasp on mathematics and physics.
Labour statistics is anticipating demand to increase over the 
next few years.  This is a career that uses materials science to design, 
manufacture, and maintain operation of machinery (many of the items
we use today).