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February 2020

  • Application Deadline-Summer 2020
    From 12:00 PM on 01 Feb to 12:00 PM on 01 Feb
    Deadline for Summer applications. Marks/Progress reports due for all continuing students Levels 3 & 4 provide Letter of Good Academic Standing Course Registration/timetable and detailed tuition fees due http://application.grpseo.org/
  • Family Day - GRPSEO Closed
    From 08:30 AM on 17 Feb to 04:30 PM on 17 Feb

March 2020

  • Education Allowance Deposit
    From 08:30 AM on 01 Mar to 04:30 PM on 01 Mar
  • Winter Semester Contact Due
    From 08:30 AM on 06 Mar to 04:30 PM on 06 Mar
    Failure to make the Winter Contact will result in your April funds being placed on HOLD!!! Your semester contact evaluation should address the following: How are you doing in each of your courses? Honesty really is the best policy & identify any specific concerns you may have so we may assist you better. Have you made any changes in your course load (dropped or added courses)?  Advise us if you are completing a placement this term and if you need a "Placement Confirmation Letter" sent to you.  Do you think tutorial assistance is needed for any courses? (Full time students are eligible for a maximum of $150/semester. An invoice for reimbursement must be sent in prior to the end of the semester (there is a sample copy of an invoice on our website).  Have there been any changes in your address (mailing & home), phone number, and email address? Where do you want your mail sent? Are you getting your mail in a reasonable time? You are responsible for keeping the GRPSEO informed of how you can be reached (phone or current mailing address and email address). If the office is unable to reach you after several attempts, then your education assistance may be suspended. Make sure you check your email regularly!  Did you remember to opt out of your Health plan? You may have to opt out for the winter semester. Check this with your institution.  Do you have any questions or concerns that may affect your studies?
  • Office Hours 9am-3pm
    From 09:00 AM on 24 Mar to 03:00 PM on 26 Mar
  • Office Hours 9am-3pm
    From 09:00 AM on 30 Mar to 03:00 PM on 02 Apr

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