All eligible applicants must submit a completed application package which includes the following 5 items:
  • Completed Application for Education Assistance.  Please visit our website to apply on-line.
  • Completed Consent to Request and Release Information form.
  • Initial Intake Education Plan Form (for all new applicants).
  • Photocopy of Status card (front and back).
  • Verification of Permanent Home Address (e.g. Driver's License, Acceptance Letter, Official Copy of your College or University Application, Notarized letter verifying permanent home address).
An application package is required for each academic period of study. i.e., if your program runs from September to April, you can apply for the Fall/Winter funding period.  If you are in a program that runs September to August of the following year, you will be required to submit 2 separate applications,  Fall/Winter and Summer.
If you are attending more than one institution during a semester then an application form is required for each institution.  If you are taking courses at one institution for credit at another institution then a letter of permission from your "home" institution will be required.


  1. YOU CAN APPLY ON-LINE On-line applications are the preferred method of application at the GRPSEO.  You can access the on-line application process from any computer.  Simply go to  and click on Apply Online then follow the prompts.  You will need your 10 digit registry number and social insurance/social security number to begin the process.  When you apply on line, be sure to submit as much detail as you can. At the end of the application process, you can review your application details.  You can choose to have a  copy of the application e-mailed to you as a confirmation.  Please keep this For Your Records only. 
Complete, sign and submit these three forms with your original signature by the required deadline.  Remember that you must also include a photocopy of your status card and Verification of Permanent Home Address.  When manually filling out an application form, please print clearly and firmly in black or blue ink pen.
Be sure to check the various deadline dates we have throughout the year and submit your application during the proper intake for your academic periods of study.
After you apply, you will receive a Checklist of Required Documentation list from your assigned Post Secondary Funding Advisor.  Please review this list carefully as failure to submit any of the items listed on your checklist will result in the cancellation of your application.
Please note that some documentation will be required NO LATER THAN AUGUST 1ST.  Failure to submit your documentation will result in the cancellation of your application.
An optional Orientation Session is available for all first time funded students and is highly recommended.  You should contact your Post Secondary Funding Advisor to set up an orientation session if you wish to participate.  The orientation takes approximately one hour.
For continuing students it is strongly recommended that you discuss any significant changes to your education plan with your Post Secondary Funding Advisor.  The Post Secondary Funding Advisor is under no obligation to recommend an application for approval when no consultation has taken place regarding education goals and the education plan.   
  • Other information/documentation is required as part of your application package. Here is a summary of documentation which may be requested from your Post Secondary Funding Advisor: 
  • Application for Education Assistance
  • Consent to Request and Release Information
  • Initial Intake—Education Plan (all new applicants)
  • Photocopy of Status Card (both sides) 
  • Verification of Permanent Home Address
  • Bank Deposit Information (Account # and Transit/branch #) - please provide a void cheque
  • Tuition Fee Statement showing total costs
  • Detailed tuition breakdown of all fees: tuition, health, student, program, etc.
  • Official Secondary School Transcript (all recent high school graduates)
  • Letter of Acceptance from the education institution (may be submitted after the application deadline)
  • Evidence of Satisfactory Completion of last sponsored course(s)
  • Official Transcript (due August 1st)
  • Letter of Permission if attending more than one institution
  • Verification of Registration (documents showing number of courses and credits)
  • Progress Report or Letter of Good Standing
  • Education Plan for Levels 3 & 4 students
  • Residence Fee Statement
  • E-mail address
  • Community Service Activity Form
Please check with your Post Secondary Funding Advisor if you have any questions about the required documentation.
All documentation must be complete and accurate.  Omissions and errors will result in:
  • Delay in processing your application.  Keep in mind there is limited funding available.
  • Education assistance payments being suspended until documentation is received.
  • A decommitment of budget if all documents are not in by required dates.  Please refer to your Checklist of Required Documentation for deadline dates.
Once your application package has been processed you will be sent a copy of the APPLICATION FOR EDUCATION ASSISTANCE showing whether your application has been approved or not approved.  If approved, your approved education assistance budget for the application will be shown.  If not approved, a written reason will be provided by the Director of Student Services and Counselling or the Director's designate.