Financial Assistance 

The following is the financial assistance that will be given to approved applicants: 
  • Mandatory tuition costs at a Canadian public post secondary institution rate.
  • Book allowance to a maximum of $400 for a full time semester (in effect since 2001)
  • Education allowance at $800 per month (in effect since 1996)
  • Effective October 1, 2015, the GRPSEO will fund mandatory program fees for full time study in all level of programs to a maximum of $1,000 per academic year.
  • Tutorial assistance funding to a maximum of $150 per semester
  • Prior Learning Assessment maximum is: (a) one PLA course; and (b) two PLA challenge(s) result (s) in tuition and program time reduction.

 **If more detailed information is needed, please check the Student Policy Guide located here.

Limits of Assistance 

In addition to maintaining eligibility for education assistance there are certain limits to assistance that you must be aware of and take into account when making decisions about your education plan.

A summary of the limits to assistance follows:

  • Education allowance assistance is for one diploma and/or degree per level (stepped/concurrent programs excepted).
  • Assistance for the completion of one level of post secondary education is the maximum assistance provided for students studying in accredited private institutions or accredited institutions outside of Canada.
  • There is a 60 month interval before you are eligible to apply for education allowance for a second diploma or degree at the same level of education - even if you completed the first diploma or degree without education assistance.
  • Effective September 1, 2006, the buffer year changed to one academic semester (four months) for all level 1 and 2 students starting a post secondary program.
  • The maximum number of months of education allowance for level 3 study (Masters) is three years (36 months); for level 4 (PhD program) it is five years (60 months).
  • If you drop from level 2 to level 1, then resume study at level 2, the allowance months (and academic years) already received in level 2 are counted for assistance purposes.
  • If you change programs within a level, the months (and academic years) used for each program is counted for calculating the limits of education assistance.
  • If you have previously completed a portion of post secondary studies without education assistance then you may receive education assistance for the balance of the program provided this does not go beyond the official length of the program plus one academic year (effective Sept 1/06 the maximum buffer became one academic semester.)
  • Tuition assistance for study in an accredited private or post secondary institution outside of Canada is at the same rate as charged by the Canadian public institution nearest to their home with a comparable program.