Financial Assistance 
There is post secondary education assistance for:
-Education Allowance for Full Time Students
-Mandatory Program Fees
-Prior Learning Assessment
-Tutorial Assistance for Full Time students

When the budget allows there is assistance in the form of incentives and/or scholarships.  
In addition to the overall eligibility criteria already presented, there are specific criteria that apply to the different types of post secondary education assistance.  These criteria are presented in the descriptions below.
Once you are approved for a specific type of education assistance, there are also certain criteria that you must continue to meet to maintain your eligibility. 

Tuition Assistance
Tuition assistance for eligible full or part time students includes tuition fee(s) and mandatory student fees including approved admission fees for a course, semester, or academic year for an eligible post secondary program of study for which education assistance has been approved.

Book Assistance
Assistance for books and supplies is provided at a standard rate for full time students ($400 per academic semester) and part time students ($80 per half credit course and $160 per full credit course).  Additional costs for books, supplies and special equipment are the student’s responsibility.

Education Allowance 
If you are registered as a full time student by the post secondary institution that you are attending AND you meet the GRPSEO’s definition of full time study for each semester, then you are eligible to receive a monthly education allowance provided that:
(a) you have not reached the limits of assistance for allowance for the level of study and program that you are enrolled in;
(b) you are a continuing successful student and you do not have an overpayment on your file; and 
(c) you have provided a progress report/transcript for previously sponsored courses as well as all required documentation. 
(Note: Students enrolled in part time study are not eligible for the monthly education allowance.)

Mandatory Program Fees:  
GRPSEO will fund mandatory program fees for full time study in all level of programs to a maximum of $1,000 per academic year.

Tutorial Assistance 
Tutorial Assistance is available for full time students only. The current maximum for tutorial assistance is $250 per academic semester.  

Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) 
Prior Learning Assessment challenges are eligible for assistance and will be based on the institution's procedures.

If you think that you are in a position to challenge a significant number of courses that will result in a shortening of your program of studies, please contact the PLA facilitator at the post secondary institution and your Post Secondary Funding Advisor at the GRPSEO.

In addition to maintaining eligibility for education assistance there are certain limits to assistance that you must be aware of and take into account when making decisions about your education plan.  
A summary of the limits to assistance are as follows: 
  • For students studying in accredited private institutions or accredited institutions outside of Canada, the maximum assistance provided is for the completion of one level of post secondary education.
  • Tuition assistance for study in an accredited private or accredited post secondary institution outside of Canada is at the same rate as charged by the Canadian public institution nearest to your home with a comparable program
  • Education allowance assistance is for one diploma and/or degree per level (stepped/concurrent programs excepted). Level 2 will include assistance for an additional degree program which has an undergraduate degree as a prerequisite.
  • There is a 60 consecutive month interval before you are eligible to apply for monthly education allowance for a second diploma or degree at the same level of education.
  • The maximum number of months for education allowance available for Level 1 and Level 2 study is the official length of the program plus one academic semester (four months).
  • The maximum number of months of education allowance for Level 3 study (Master) is three years (36 months); for Level 4 (Doctoral program) is five years (60 months).
  • If you drop from Level 2 to Level 1, then resume study at Level 2, the allowance months (and academic years) already received in Level 2 are counted for assistance purposes.
  • If you change programs within a level, the months (and academic years) used for each program is counted for calculating the limits of education assistance.
  • If you have previously completed a portion of post secondary studies without education assistance then you may receive education assistance for the balance of the program provided this does not go beyond the official length of the program plus one academic semester.

 **If more detailed information is needed, please check the Student Policy Guide.