If you are interested in supporting Six Nations post secondary students in their pursuit of graduation and would like to set up a scholarship, please read the following:

Factors to consider in setting up a post secondary award:

Type of Award

We suggest that you begin by deciding what type of award you or your organization will establish.

  • A scholarship is usually associated with some standard of academic performance. A particular field of study (e.g. medicine) is usually but not always stated.
  • A bursary is associated with financial need e.g. for students with dependent children, for students with outstanding OSAP loans.
  • An award linked to community service or demonstrated effort.

Value and Timing of the Award

Determine the value of the gift, as well as the timing and frequency of when it is issued. Some examples follow:

  • Total value $5,000 over the length of the student’s official program of studies as verified by the post secondary institution. Issued in equal amounts over the length of the program after submission of marks for each successful semester.
  • Total $500 per academic year.
  • Scholarships of $1,000 to five different students (a maximum of $5,000 per academic year).
  • Some awards also include a summer job – or co-op placement, depending on the type of program awards may be selected in eligibility criteria. Either of these are very valuable to students.

Administrative Details

  1. Do you wish the GRPSEO to recruit, screen and select recipients?
  2. Or, will you establish your own screening and selection process, and if so, what will this be?
  3. Must a student apply or do you wish the GRPSEO to identify eligible students from the GRPSEO data base? If a student must apply, when is the application deadline? Where is the application sent? Will there be an application form? What documents are required when applying? e.g. Please submit documentation verifying your progress to date, and your Six Nations membership to the Grand River Post Secondary Education Office along with a letter outlining your education plan (including your expected graduate date), and how you plan to make use of your post secondary education.
  4. How will the award be funded? Will you or your organization issue funds to the GRPSEO to issue? Will you or your organization provide the cheque when it is due? Will you create a perpetual trust fund for this award or fund annually?

Eligibility Criteria

Once the type of award is determined then eligibility criteria will need to be determined. These range from generic criteria to the more specific. Here is a list to consider:

Generic Criteria
Specific Criteria
First Nations member
Member - Six Nations of the Grand River
High school graduate
Attended elementary school at Six Nations
Enrolled in a college or university post secondary program of at least two academic years duration leading to a diploma or degree.
Enrolled in college rather than  university or vice versa.
Any field of study
Enrolled in a specific field or related fields, e.g. law or related such as Law & security, Police Foundations, Criminology, Law Clerk, Pathology.
Any year of study
Enrolled in a specific year of study e.g. year 2.
No set grade requirement
Has met or surpassed a specific grade average e.g. C+.
No set level of study
Enrolled in a specific level of post secondary study e.g. college or university at the bachelors, masters or doctoral level of study.
No specific location of post secondary institution
Enrolled in a college or university in Canada? USA? Ontario?
Not specified if a public or private college or university? 
Enrolled in a public college or university.
Residency: in Canada? Does it matter?
Resident of Six Nations?
Financial need not a consideration
Must have dependent children or file documentation showing outstanding student loans.

Additional eligibility criteria can be added based on the donor’s wishes.

Thank you for your interest in supporting Six Nations post secondary students in their pursuit of graduation. For additional information or assistance, please contact, Justine Henhawk-Bomberry, Director of Post Secondary Student Services.