If information or documentation is missing, your Post Secondary Funding Advisor will send you a Checklist of Required Documentation.  If you do not submit the required documentation then your application will not be processed.  Any unprocessed applications automatically become dormant at the start of each semester.

Once your completed application package has been received (including all required information and documentation), your Funding Advisor reviews your file for eligibility, assigns a priority and residency category to your application, then classifies your application as "recommended" or "not recommended".  Your application will then be forwarded to the Director of Student Services and Counselling or the Director's designate for Approval or Non-Approval.
The Funding Advisor is responsible for seeing that all policy requirements for education assistance have been satisfied before recommending an application.
Provided that:
  • you are eligible for assistance,
  • the program that you wish to study is an eligible program,
  • you have been admitted to your program choice, and
  • you have demonstrated commitment to your education plan,
Then your Post Secondary Funding Advisor can recommend your application within the assigned priority and residency category.
The Director of Student Services and Counselling will review your application for approval or non-approval.  All applications are considered according to their Residency Category and Priority.  All approvals are subject to availability of funds.
The Director reviews the application whether your application is recommended or not recommended by your Funding Advisor.  If, however, you do not submit required documentation then your application will be considered dormant and will not be processed.
Once your application package has been processed then you will be sent a copy of the APPLICATION FOR EDUCATION ASSISTANCE, showing whether your application has been approved or not approved.  If approved, your approved education assistance budget for the application will be shown along with the duration of assistance.  Approved assistance is subject to you maintaining your eligibility. 
If your application is not approved, a written reason will be provided on your copy of the application form by the Director of Student Services or the Director's designate.