Checklist of Required Documentation for Education Assistance

After you apply, a Funding Advisor will review your application to determine your priority, and what documents are still needed.   The Funding Advisor will then email (or mail) you a Checklist of Required Documentation which will detail what documents are still needed for the processing of your application.  Click here to see the Application Processing Schedule located in the FAQ section. 

PLEASE NOTE: Receipt of a Checklist of Required Documentation does not mean your application has been approved. It is notification that your application was received and reviewed and more information is needed as noted on the Checklist.

Please review this list carefully. Failure to submit the items listed on your Checklist can delay further processing and/or approval of your application. 

DO NOT wait to send in your documents all at once. Send them in as soon as you have them. Funding is limited and receipt of documentation is critical in getting your application approved before funds run out. 
You will be asked to provide additional documentation needed for your application via your Checklist.  You will only be asked to provide the relevant items needed for your current application. For example, if you are a continuing funded student, you would not be asked for a Letter of Acceptance if you are continuing in the same program as when you first applied.

For a list of possible documentation which may be requested by your Post Secondary Funding Advisor, see page 17-18 of the Student Policy Guide.
Please check with your Post Secondary Funding Advisor if you have any questions about the required documentation.
All documentation must be complete and accurate. Omissions and errors will result in:
  • Delay in processing your application. Keep in mind funding is limited and can run out quickly. 
  • Education assistance payments being suspended until documentation is received.
  • Cancellation of budget if all documents are not in by required dates. Please refer to your Checklist of Required Documentation for deadline due dates.

Your Post Secondary Funding Advisor will monitor your file and the receipt of the needed documents. When the documents needed in order to recommend your application for approval are received, then your application will be forwarded to the Director of Post Secondary Student Services (or the Director’s Designate) for approval processing.  

If funding is no longer available and/or you did not submit the required documentation to process your application, then your Funding Advisor will recommend to the Director that your application be Not Approved.  Any unprocessed applications automatically become dormant at the start of each academic period and are recommended by the Funding Advisors to be Not Approved by the Director.

The Director of Post Secondary Student Services will review your application for approval or non-approval. All applications are considered according to their Residency Category and Priority.  All approvals are subject to availability of funds.

If your application has been approved, you will be sent an approval package by e-mail containing the approved copy of the Application for Education Assistance showing your approved education assistance budget for the application along with the duration of assistance.  Approved assistance is subject to you maintaining your eligibility. You’ll also receive a copy of the Request to Consent and Release Information form, and a copy of the Tuition sponsorship letter that has been sent to your institution. (See Section on Approved Applications page 19 in the Student Policy Guide regarding tuition sponsorship letters).  Keep these documents for your records

If your application is not approved, you will be sent a copy of your application showing that it was Not Approved and a letter from the Director of Post Secondary Student Services or the Director’s Designate indicating the reason it was not approved. Keep these documents for your records.

Your approval package may indicate that additional documents are still needed. For example: An Official transcript is required by August 1st of each year for all students who received funding assistance through the GRPSEO in any of the three prior terms (Summer/Fall/Winter). It must be ordered by the student from their Institution and sent directly to GRPSEO from the Institution. Failure to submit an official transcript by the August 1st deadline date can result in cancellation of an approved Fall or Fall/Winter application. In addition, if you have just completed high school, your final Official High School Transcript is required no later than August 1st.  Failure to submit any of the August 1st documents that were requested by GRPSEO by that date will result in cancellation of the approved application.