Each application is individually reviewed for eligibility then assessed for assignment of a priority. All applications for education assistance are considered according to their priority.

The residency categories and priority system are designed to provide fair and equitable access to limited post secondary assistance funding. The following is an outline of the priority system. For more details contact your Post Secondary Funding Advisor.

*Please note that a requirement of 12 months residence in Canada prior to the application date applies to both residency categories and priorities. 

Residency Categories (effective April 1, 2015)

Residency 1: A student who maintains permanent residency within a 100 km radius of the core of the Six Nations of the Grand River Territory (1670 Chiefswood Road - the corner of Chiefswood Rd. and 4th Line Rd., Ohsweken, Ontario, Canada.
Students will now be required to submit documents to verify Residency along with all other documents required to complete their application for funding.
*Our current Priority 6 will NOT be eligible under this Residency category.

Residency 2:  A student who maintains permanent residency outside of the 100 km radius from the core of the Six Nations of the Grand River Territory (1670 Chiefswood Road - the corner of Chiefswood Rd and 45h Line Rd., Ohsweken, Ontario, Canada). 

Residency 1 applications will be processed first.

The current established Priority System will remain in effect under each of the Residency categories (with the exception of Priority 6 under Residency 1).

Exception:  Students who are currently funded by the GRPSEO and will be continuing successful students in Fall 2015 will be exempt from these new Residency Categories.  The GRPSEO will honour those policies for the duration of their currently enrolled program of studies until one the following happens:

  A) any changes to their current program occur. (i.e. - switching into a different program)
  B)  the student reaches graduation from their current program.


 Priority Categories

 Priority 1  Returning/continuing successful students
 Priority 1b  Continuing successful self-funded students
 Priority 2  New high school graduates
 Priority 3  Withdrawals for just cause (emergency cases)
 Priority 4(a)  Part time successful students applying for full time assistance
 Priority 4(b)  Out of school for two or more consecutive academic semesters
 Priority 5  Previous graduates who change programs but are not changing their level of study
 Priority 6  Students from other countries *does not apply to Residency 1 (fall starts only)
 Priority 7  Unsuccessful students

New high school graduates who are uncertain of their education plans may elect to register for one year work experience option.
Interested students should ask their Post Secondary Funding Advisor about this.