An overpayment is any education assistance payment or expenditure for which you were not eligible. For continuing successful students, payment can be made through deductions from approved student allowance and/or book assistance.

For successful continuing full time students with overpayments from the first semester of study, payment may be made through deductions from approved student funds.

An overpayment must be cleared or payment arrangements made by August 1st for the next application for education assistance.  Failure to do so may result in the cancellation of your funding application.

A 15% discount applies when a student is paying the overpayment balance in one lump payment on eligible costs.  Payment arrangements are not eligible for the 15% discount.

An overpayment can occur in any type of assistance including tuition, books and education allowance.
**Please refer to the Student Policy for further descriptions on how an overpayment can occur.

Recovering From Academic Suspension/Payment of Overpayments

In the past, education assistance for students who did not meet the GRPSEO’s minimum academic requirements were automatically suspended. Although the GRPSEO no longer automatically suspends students for failing to meet minimum requirements set by the GRPSEO, a student may in effect suspend him/herself through the accumulation of overpayments for failed courses or by failing out of his/her program of studies.

If in the past, your education assistance was suspended by the GRPSEO, due to unacceptable academic performance, your next application will automatically be assigned a priority 7 and you will be placed on academic probation but first you will have to make arrangements for paying the overpayment on your file. If your assistance was discontinued because you were ineligible to continue in your program (as determined by the post secondary institution) then you may or may not have an overpayment on your file. You must also be admitted to a program of study for which there is a reasonable expectation of success. You will need to contact your Post Secondary Funding Advisor.

A student who has failed to meet the GRPSEO’s minimum requirements of academic performance has two options for clearing any outstanding overpayments.

  • You have the option of making one lump sum payment and receive a 15% discount to the overpayment (if deemed eligible) or payment arrangements can be made with the GRPSEO office by August 1st before the next application for education assistance will be processed.
  • Your second option is to self-fund the same number of courses that you failed. These courses must be comparable - that is - they must be at the same academic level and have the same credit value and tuition costs as the failed courses. If you choose this option - you will not be eligible for education assistance of any kind until proof of successful completion of the comparable course(s) is received.

If you choose to self-fund as a full time student and meet specific standards of success then your application will be a priority 1 for the next consecutive semester of your program.

What are these specific standards? You must meet the academic requirements of the post secondary institution to continue in the program as well as meet the minimum academic standard set by the GRPSEO. (See the section on Acceptable Academic Performance ) in the Student Policy.