Students who are convinced that they have not been dealt with fairly under the policies for the administration of the Grand River Post Secondary Education program have access to an appeal hearing.  There is no appeal against refusal of assistance because funds are not available.

"Treated fairly” is interpreted as meaning: treated consistent with policy.

1. A student receives the Appeal Procedures along with the Appeal Request form.  Student completes the form and submits it to the GRPSEO.

2. An appeal request should provide the following information:
a. Student's name, complete address (including emergency locate number) phone number and email address.
b. The institution attending or having most recently attended along with their program of studies.
c. The reason for the appeal, citing or attaching the relevant sections of GRPSEO’s Student policy.
d. A student may elect to represent their concerns personally at an appeal or have the option to have a representative to speak on their behalf. Student is to provide in writing a letter of consent indicating another person will be representing them. The representative shall provide a signed statement by the student to permit them to attend and present on their behalf. If a representative is decided upon, the appeal request should provide the following information: Student’s representative name, and their complete address (including emergency locate number), phone number and email address.
e. A student may invite an observer or a family support person who will not speak and is bound by confidentiality.  
f. A student and their representative will be invited to present at a scheduled Board meeting. If physical attendance is not possible then a virtual option can be arranged. 

3. Within 14 days of receipt of the Appeal Request form, the Director of Post Secondary Education Office will respond in writing to the request stating whether or not there are grounds for an appeal.  If the Director is in the Funding Advisor role to the student then the Director will request the Board to review the appeal request form and respond to the student.
Please note: If a request for an appeal is deemed not to have grounds for an appeal, the Director will include appropriate policy references or documentation with the response.

Director level
If Director’s decision does not resolve the appeal then the following will happen.
1. The Director will request a review of the appeal by the GRPSEO Board for an opinion.  Appeals will be reviewed at a regularly scheduled Board meeting.   However, the Director may request a special meeting of the Board if the matter is time-sensitive. The GRPSEO Board’s opinion will be provided in writing to the Director and the student.  The decision of the GRPSEO Board is final and binding. 
Please note: At any time in the Board Review process a resolution can be reached. 
2.  Cost efficient measures such as TEAMS will be explored as an option rather than an in-person meeting.  Costs are not provided for the student’s representative.