We are proud to present a new initiative we have implemented here at the Grand River Post Secondary Education Office (GRPSEO). We are publishing college and university students’ educational progress onto posters for outreach to Six Nations of the Grand River elementary & secondary students. Those students who wish to participate receive a questionnaire pertaining to their education journey within the post-secondary world and their connection to their community. The purpose of this is to provide elementary & secondary students with real thoughts, opinions, and feelings from former or current Six Nations post secondary students to help encourage their thoughts about, and research into, post secondary education.

Furthermore, for those students willing to participate, we are also using their information for a Student Spotlight Series on our social media. This allows the student and their friends & family an opportunity to celebrate their journey. It also helps to promote to idea of post secondary education to community members, allowing them to read about real ups and downs other students have in their journey through post secondary.

Student Spotlight Series #1: BiancaFacebook Instagram

Student Spotlight Series #2: Lillian - Facebook Instagram

Student Spotlight Series #3: Kiana - Facebook Instagram