The application deadlines for all applicants are as follows:
  • February 1 - Summer semester
  • May 1 - Fall or Fall/Winter semester(s)
  • October 1 - Winter semester
Your APPLICATION FOR EDUCATION ASSISTANCE and the CONSENT TO REQUEST AND RELEASE INFORMATION must be received by the applicable deadline date. Late applications will not be accepted. 
If you are applying to go to a post secondary education institution for the first time, chances are you may not have a Letter of Acceptance by May 1st from the post secondary institution that you hope to attend.  You can still apply by the deadline date and the Letter of Acceptance can be sent in to GRPSEO after the deadline of May 1st.
If you apply for a full academic year, you may be approved for two consecutive academic semesters (not usually less than eight months duration) normally beginning in September of the academic year and ending by April 30.
It is your responsibility to follow up with documents by due dates for both the GRPSEO and your post secondary institution.  For example, if you have NOT been advised that GRPSEO funding has been approved by the date that a tuition deposit is required to hold your program seat, then you must make the decision to pay a deposit on your own or let your seat go. The GRPSEO makes every effort to work with students to meet the deadlines of your institution but this is not always possible due to the number of students applying for funding and the dates when documents are received at the GRPSEO.