Valerie Miller
519-445-2219 ext 5219
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Answers all general questions and directs calls to the appropriate person.
Lana Martin
Post Secondary Funding Advisor
519-445-2024 ext 5024
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All Colleges and Universities in the London-Windsor,  Waterloo area and McMaster University
 Administration Day - Thursday, not available until 3:00 pm
G. Paulie Hill
Post Secondary Funding Advisor
519-445-1948 ext 5948
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All students attending Mohawk College, Sheridan College, Brock University, Six Nations Polytechnic and all USA schools.
Administration Day - Tuesday, not available until 3:00 pm
Becky Bomberry
Post Secondary Funding Advisor
519-445-2770 ext 5770
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All Colleges and Universities in Northern Ontario,  Toronto, Ottawa-Carleton area. All Universities and Colleges in the Western and Eastern Provinces and Niagara College.
 Administration Day - Friday, not available until 3:00 pm

Kayla Hess
Post Secondary Funding Advisor Assistant
519-445-4895 ext 5895
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Assistant to the Post Secondary Funding Advisors

Charlene Davis 
Financial Account Manager
519-445-4526 ext 5526
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For questions on your education assistance budget, monthly allowance, overpayments and letters for income tax purposes.
Virginia Martin
Financial Assistant
519-445-4882 ext 5882
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For questions about overpayments, receipts from students or institutions and tuition payments to the institutions.
Cassandra Hill
Records Administrator
519-445-1424 ext 5424
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For questions about whether your documentation has been received.

Susan Hill
Sr. Administrative Assistant
519-445-1947 ext 5947
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Assistant to the Director & Post Secondary Funding Advisors.
Justine Henhawk-Bomberry 
Director of Student Services and Counselling
519-445-2684 ext 5684
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Director of Student Services and Counselling.