Grand River Post Secondary
Education Office

Initial Intake & Education Plan

The following information will be reviewed by your Post Secondary Funding Advisor in order to provide student support, student services, and to process your application. You need to demonstrate that you have taken time to examine your options and make informed choices. This form must be completed and submitted with your initial application for education assistance. Please print clearly.

Full Name:
Date of Birth:
Academic Information
Choose the last grade completed and/or currently attending for High School:
Choose the last year completed and/or currently attending for College or University:
What level of post secondary education are you applying for at this time? Please choose (1):
What institution(s) have you applied to, and what program(s) have you chosen:
Program Length
Education Plan

Preparation for continuing your education is an important step. It must be thoroughly researched in order to make knowledgeable decisions about your education path, and how it will lead you to your chosen career. To be successful in your post secondary studies, it is important that time be spent to determine and examine your career paths and how you will achieve your goals through education.

Please complete the following questions on the following pages and submit when done. Your application is not complete without this form.

  1. Briefly tell us about your education plan:
    1. How did you come up with this plan
  2. How have you checked the job market for this career:
    1. What kinds of jobs will you be able to apply for if you follow this education plan
    2. Please include a list
  3. What challenges/barriers will you have to deal with in your Post Secondary studies:
    1. How do you plan to deal with these challenges/barriers
  4. Please provide any other additional information you feel is relevant to your education/career plan:
    1. Please include information about any health/medical concerns/conditions, or specific learning requirements that may be of on-going concern (e.g. special services)
  5. List any questions you may have:

If you are a recent High School graduate and unsure of what your career path is, you may want to take a year off to do work experience. Grand River Post Secondary Education Office can hold your Priority 2 status for one year if you are working. Please contact a Post Secondary Funding Advisor at this office for more details.

Date Submitted: Jul. 13, 2024