Since 2010, the Grand River Post Secondary Education Office has celebrated its students with the Student Recognition Booklet. This booklet recognizes our staff and board, graduated students, and scholarship/bursary/special award winners.
This booklet is now available only as a digital publication. 

 14 Edition: 2022-2023   
 13th Edition: 2021-2022  30th Anniversary
 12th Edition: 2020-2021  
 11th Edition: 2019-2020  
 10th Edition: 2018-2019  
 9th Edition: 2017-2018  
 8th Edition: 2016-2017  
 7th Edition: 2015-2016  
 6th Edition: 2014-2015  
 5th Edition: 2013-2014  
 4th Edition: 2012-2013  
 3rd Edition: 2011-2012  
 2nd Edition: 2010-2011  
 1st Edition: 2009-2010